What are the English Slogans Peculiarities in Services Advertisements?

It would be recommended to analyze the slogans’ features based on the following aspects:
 Firstly: According to the graphical aspect.
           - Capital letters are notifying in the slogans phrase. Usually the key words of a slogan are written with capital letters with the intention of focusing customer’s attention.
e.g.   Austrian Airlines service: “Earn miles with Miles & More
e.g.   Nostalgia Restaurant service: “Elegance, Style, Refinement”
e.g.   Sky Team Company:Open For New Horizons”
            - Italics are used instead of capital letters or boldface type letters in order to emphasize the key words of a slogan.
            e.g.” Something special in the air” American Airlines
e.g.  “A Must for every Knee PatientMedical Help Service
e.g.  “… Prompt, Courteous Service with An Elegant Touch”
Secondly: According to phonological aspect:
            - In order to be memorable and impressive alliteration is used as a special technique of advertising.
e.g.  “Britain’s best business Bank” Allied Irish Bank Service
e.g.   “Don’t just travel. Travel rightExpedia Company
- Repetition is used to give the melodic aspect.
e.g.    "Billions and billions served."   MC DONALD’S
e.g.  “Most valued by those who most value brand” Prime/Ogilvy
            - Rhyme gives an aspect of poem, easy to memorize
            e.g. “Tooth whitening simply and safely” Budapest Dental Service
            e.g.  “Give a hoot, don’t pollute” United States Forest Service
            e.g.   “Only the Best for our guest” Jolly Alon Hotel Service
-Using contrast
e.g.  “Low Fares. Way BetterAir Lingus Company (travel agency)
e.g.   “Doing what we do best” Invest Bank
            e.g.   “Looking for the best?”   Huawei Consulting Services
Thirdly: According to the lexical aspect:
         -Frequently using of personals pronouns- we, you, us, our, your;
Using the second person “you”, represents a direct addressing to the potential customer and it helps to make shorter the distance between the client and those who provide that particular service. Moreover using the expressions “to you”, “you are…”or “you have to...” encourage
customers and give them the feeling of priority.
            e.g. “We speak your language” International Medical Centre
            e.g.   “Discover Maldives with us!” Paradise Holiday Service
            e.g  “It’s a privilege to serve you” First Republic Bank
            e.g.  “Caring more about youSky Team (airlines service)
            e.g. “Exceptional cars for exceptional people” Elite Rent a Car Service
            Using the first person “we”, “our” represents like a self-introduction to the potential customers and let them know you and give them chance to make a collaboration with you.
            e.g. “We take care of You!”  Agro Bank service
            e.g. “Our Service for Your Success!” Audited Trade Fair Data Service
            - Frequently using words such as “all”, “Always,” “now”:
            e.g. “Always on the Mark!”  CVS Service
            e.g.  “All for clients” Tourist Agency “Fazan”
            e.g.  “Fly now. Shovel later” Eastern Airlines service
            e.g.   “We are here to ensure that all your dreams come true” Travel Agency Service
            e.g.   “The customer is always right” General slogan
 Forth: According to the syntactical aspect:
      - The research concerning slogan’s peculiarities shows that advertising slogans of services are usually brief, containing one or two sentences and just pretends that you are talking to a friend. To be successful, the slogan must not contain any pressure in the context. The slogan could be written as:
             a) Interrogative sentences;
            e.g. “Alarmed? You should be”  Moss Security                                                                 
            e.g. “Looking for the best? We hear you.” Consulting service
            e.g. “Would you like that rolled over easy?” T.Rowe Price Investment Service
            e.g. “Medical Insurance Cover?” International Private Healthcare ltd
            b) Imperative sentences;
            e.g. “Be smart. Pay less for your phone service.” Broadband Phone Company
            e.g.  “Invest with confidence”   Rowe Price Service
            e.g. “Go your own way” Radical Travel Company
              c)   Simple affirmative sentences:
            e.g. “It’s time to fly” United Airlines
 Fifth: According to stylistic aspect :
           - It is frequently use of ellipses; the act of leaving out a word or words from a sentence deliberately
            e.g. “Building a new life…”      Euro Credit Bank
            e.g. “Just like coming home…” Dedeman Hotel Service
            e.g. “The bank that like to…”   Commercial Bank     
 Sixth:  According to grammatical aspect:
            - Slogans may break grammar rules, but have a structure that makes them intelligible. The auxiliary verb, subject or predicate can be omitted.
            e.g. “You and US” UBS Bank
 Seventh: According to the semantic aspect:
   -Usually the slogans are compounded using the word playing technique. A specific term that denotes this is - pun.
Definition:  The clever or humorous use of a word that has more than one meaning.
            e.g.  “We really move our tail for you” Continental Airline   
            e.g. “Fly me”   National Airlines      
            e.g. “It needn’t be hell, with Nicotinel” International Health Association
Summarizing what was mentioned that advertising slogan play the main role in the advertising process and it is the main phrase that helps to focus the customer attention. It should be simple, memorable, and strategic. Slogans reflect the brand’s personality and impact positive feelings for the brand. However being as a compulsory component in advertising not every advertisement contains a slogan; moreover there are advertisements which contain more than one slogan. 

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