Newspaper Style

Newspaper style was the last of all the styles of written literary English to be recognized as a specific form of writing standing apart from other forms. English newspaper writing dates from the 17th century. At the close on the 16 th century short news pamphlets began to appear. Any such publication either presented news from only on e source or dealt with one specific subject.
The first of any regular series of English newspapers was the “Weekly Newes”, which first appear on May 23, 1622.
The early English newspaper was principally a vehicle of information. Commentary as a regular future found its way into the newspapers later. But as far back as the middle of the 18th century the British newspaper was very much like what it is today, carrying on its pages news, both foreign and domestic, advertisements, announcements and articles containing comments.
English newspapers style may be defined as a system of interrelated lexical, parasitological and grammatical means which is perceive by the community speaking the language as  a separate unite that basically serves the purpose of informing and instructing the reader. Not all the printed matter found in newspaper comes under newspapers style.
Since the primary function of the newspaper style is to impart information, only printed matter serving this purpose comes under newspaper style proper. Such matter can be classed as :
  1. brief news items and communiqu├ęs,
  2. press report
  3. advertisement and announcement
The most concise form of newspaper information is the headline. The newspaper also seeks to influence public opinion on political and other matters. Elements of appraisal may be observed in the very selection and ways of presentation of news, in the use of specific vocabulary, such as allege and claim, casting some doubt on the facts reported , and synthetic constructions.
To understand the language peculiarities of English newspaper style it will be sufficient to analyze the following basic newspaper features:
a)      brief news items
b)      advertisements and announcements
c)      the headline
the editorial

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